Pricing | Website FAQ's


There are no hidden fees.
What we offer is a straightforward proposition for the AV Dealer to own a professionally produced website, fully mobile friendly, running on a secure server, optimized to achieve high search engine rankings.

If you have specific questions that aren't answered here - contact us.

FAQ: Will my website be secure?

Yes, secure.
Starting in late 2018, we made the migration to our Virtual Private Server, featuring SSL or HTTPS Secure Server.
Google which owns Chrome, is pushing that all websites be secure for privacy and safety. Your site will be fully secure and show the green padlock. This included in your hosting package.

FAQ | What does my purchase buy me?

A fully functioning new website on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).
We take your existing content: text, links, and images and transfer it to the new theme you picked; Canton, Dayton, Huron etc... If your site requires more time than what we allocate per website, we will advise you before we start and give you a cost for that.
No surprises!

FAQ: How do I get started?

Pick the web theme you want - from our portfolio and contact us.
We will discuss on the telephone at a time that works for you.
We will then send you an invoice that defines the scope of work and email that to you for Payment via PayPal. You can pay with a credit card, even if you don't have a PayPal account.

If you have any questions - contact us directly at 614-292-2323.
I will respond promptly.

FAQ: How long to get my new site up and running?

Ten business days.
Ten Business days from deposit and receiving all materials that you want included in your website.
We often deliver in less, but always less than ten business days.

FAQ: Your website hosting or mine?

For many reasons we use our Hosting service. We have a Virtual Private Server using 6 Gig of RAM and on a Solid State Drive. This delivers the fastest upload times in the industry. This is critical in gaining credibility with Google. The first year of hosting is included with the website purchase price.
The hosting is included with your subscription and we manage it for you.

FAQ: Can I have you check my existing site before I buy - to see if it's possible to transfer all my existing images and copy - without additional costs?

Contact us and let us know your website address, and we will get back to you within 48 hours with an answer. We will be able to say what if any additional costs are necessary to get you up and running.

FAQ: How much to be in the top ten of Google Search Results?

Depends on the city and key search terms.
Consider that competition for "home theater Los Angeles" would be far greater than "home theater Marietta, OH" Size of market, strength of competition and the keywords you're after, all play a role in the pricing to achieve top results. We guarantee top ten keyword search ranking for mutually agreed search terms. We only offer SEO with our websites.

FAQ: Top ten Google search results? Really?

Yes. Really.
Google and Bing first page results.
We will provide Google first page results for five specific keyword searches.
Those five keyword searches are:
1. "Home Theater" + "City". An example would be "home theater akron ohio"
2. "Home Automation" + "City". An example would be "home automation akron ohio"
3. "Home Audio" + "City". An example would be "home audio akron ohio"
4. "Home Stereo" + "City". An example would be: "home stereo akron ohio"
5. "Home Video" + "City". An example would be: "home video akron ohio"

The keyword searches are "Organic Results" or non-paid. We are not advocates of paid searches, as the costs quickly add up. Pay Per Click, account for only 6% of search click-through's. Organic results are what people use 94% of the time. For additional key word searches, we will price those out individually.

FAQ: What happens if my search ranking - isn't in the top ten?

We will refund 100% of the price of your Search Engine Optimization Bundled cost.
If we are unsuccessful in achieving top ten rankings for the five (5) keyword searches after 90 days - we will refund $500.

Your keyword market and your competitors may offer challenges to our SEO techniques, but we will succeed in placing you in the top ten Google search results. We have had tremendous success with these keyword searches. In most cases, we have achieved #1 through #5 rankings.

You risk nothing. And have a territory to gain.

FAQ: What if I need to make changes to the website - can I do that myself?

No, we do that.
Reason being, is that most changes, dealer brands, phone numbers, addresses etc.. are included. We make those changes and updates at no charge. Our pages use custom scripts, and we prefer that we do any coding changes, so your website operates perfectly.

FAQ: How much do you charge for web updates?

We charge $48 per hour.
When you need to edit the content, web copy, images, additions, deletions. etc... it's $48 / hr. We're good, efficient and bill by the quarter hour.

FAQ: How long to perform web updates?

Within 72 hours.
We advise you of when we will make the changes, and then execute the change, and confirm with an email that we have made the changes.

FAQ: How much of my current website's page content and images are included?

As much as we can - but not on the home page.
We want you to get top Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and our website's copy is written to achieve just that. We want you to be found - and the home page is what helps accomplish that. So some of your home page copy will be edited. Other website pages can leverage as much of the copy and imagery that's you've already created.

FAQ: What's included with Google Analytics?

A monthly statement detailing website activity.
You receive a monthly summary of visitors, patterns, behaviors and shows in detail your website data. This is delivered as a PDF. See our page on Google Analytics for more specifics.

FAQ: Can I get a different color that what you're showing?

Yes - cost is $100.
Website colors are able to changed. Recognize that there is the main color, but there also support colors, usually 3-5 depending on which template. You can supply us with a photo or examples of the colors and we can get the web RGB colors from that. Our price for a website custom color palette is $100.

FAQ: Who supplies the website copy?

Depends on how much content needs to be changed.
Obviously, the "product" pages, "contact", "about us" and others will be rewritten to reflect the brands you carry, and your company.
Additional Copy that is above and beyond what we have written needs to be supplied to us.

We take your existing copy and where we can - we use it. If you need custom copy written, our price is $48 per hour.

FAQ: Who supplies the website photo's?

Depends on which photo's.
Manufacturer logo's, product photo's: we will use your existing photograph's and if appropriate, we will obtain additional images for your brands, brand logo's and products. This service is included in your website. We want your website to look great!

Installation photo's: will need to be supplied to us.
Installation photo's: that would benefit from retouching in Photoshop... color, contrast correction, etc... This decision is up to you. The cost is $48 per hour.
Note: Installation photo's shown on both website's are not included with the website.
If you would like access to these images from our installation image portfolio, please ask for pricing.

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