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The Four Fundamentals: the cornerstones of a Modern Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Visibility
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2. Traffic
Seeing Your
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3. Knowledge
Visitors &
4. Communicate

1. Visibility

Page #1 of Google Results.

Visibility starts with being on the front page of Google search results. Over 90% of Page #1 search results are clicked on.

If you're on Page #4 - you don't exist.

2. Traffic

Increased website traffic engineered for you to grow and profit.

Increased website visitor traffic - looking for your most productive and profitable Audio-Video products & services.

3. Knowledge

Track, monitor and understand the traffic on your website.

Our tools, Google Analytics, RankMyCompany, CompetitorSpy allow you to understand who your visitors are, what they are looking for, and why they left or stayed.

Collectively, our tools provide a performance analysis of your visitors and your competition.

4. Communicate

Communication starts the sales conversation.

No sale begins without communication. Communication has multiple channels, but they all lead to creating and establishing a level of trust, between you and your visitor. The real goal is to change the mindset of the skeptical visitor to one who asks "Hello, I have a question."

The result is a conversation which leads us to the desired objective: increased sales.


Visiblity + Traffic + Knowledge + Communication = Conversations

Simple Math: More Conversations = More Sales.

Where Does Your Company Rank?

Find Out. Use Our Tools. No Charge. Nada.

If you want more sales, you have to know where you are ranking, in what area, and for what search terms. We have software tools that generate the analysis. Provide us your the search terms that customers would use to find you - and we'll email you the results.

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