Google Analytics

Understand Your Visitors

Google Analytics provides you insight
about who your visitors are
and what your visitors are doing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track and monitor the traffic on your website.
At its core - Analytics tracks and records website statistics
At its best - Analytics allow you to understand your customers profile
- age, gender, what pages they visited and how long they stayed.

Google Analytics provide real time performance analysis of your website
- with measurable results to show what works and what doesn't.


See behind the veil. This feature is an optional feature on all our websites, see Pricing page for current pricing and bundle options.

Google Analytics is a window to see Who, What and How on your website.

Who is your customer...

Their age, gender, interests, state, city, suburbs, and other facets that define your customers profile

What they do on your site

What pages they spent the most time on
What search terms they used to find you
What search engine they used
What type of browser and version they are using
What screen resolution they are using

How they spend their time

How many visitors
How many are new visitors
How many are returning visitors
How many visited your website by hour, day, week, month, quarter and year.
How long they stayed on each page


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