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Let the strongest competitors in your market help you
accelerate the learning curve in being ranked #1 in Google.

1. Learn from the Leaders

Why re-invest the wheel? See what your marketplace leaders are doing well - so we can utilize their effective search tactics to catch up quickly and then surpass them with our own.

2. Improve your Ranking Quickly

By understanding your competitor's most effective and productive SEO tactics, you can close the ranking gap quicker. Chances are, they have done significant research and refinement to achieve their performance.

Leverage their efforts into your digital strategy that puts you up front to gain increased traffic and sales.

3. Find Your Niche Value

If you have identified your specialty or sub-speciality market: home automation, surveillance, home theater, outdoor lighting, etc. This tool identifies what your competitors are doing well to achieve top Google search rankings and potential dead ends so you can spend your time targeting more profitable markets instead.

When two or more competitors have similar rankings, then these keywords have real marketplace value.

If your competitors aren't showing up on the same keywords that you rank for, this could indicate there is a small audience.

4. Offensive & Defensive Tactics

Your competitors' rank well in this category, but you don't.

Understand marketplace keyword strategy: search for keywords, any competitor ranks for.

Determine which websites are your closest competitors and track their ranking progress.

Measure competitors by their rankings and clicks, to decide what those are worth to your business.

5. Value of Sales Performance

Examine websites current and potential revenue: your website moved up in Google ranking from #22nd to #7. Last months performance: 14K keywords last month. Those new gains added up to about 74K clicks which equate to sales worth of $56,000 last month.


Your competitors are on the first page of Google.
Let's look over their shoulders to see what is working.
So we can accelerate your website to the front of the pack.

Out Rank them - and take their sales!

CompetitorSpy Analysis

Find Out. What are they doing right. What can you be doing better?

If you want more sales, you have to know what your competitors are doing, in what area, and for what search terms. We have software tools that generate the analysis. Provide us your competitors - and we'll email you the results.

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