Objective | Google: Page #1

You need to be on Page #1 of Google search results.
If you're on Page #4 of search results, you don't exist!

Yellow Pages are Dead

It's 2019, and Google is the new Yellow Pages. If you're not on page one of a Google search, you don't exist.

Page One of a Google Search accounts for 90% of clicks.

This is why we are so emphatic about being on Page One.

Getting top ten Search Engine results shouldn't be considered a "marketing expense", it should be considered a necessity, like electricity or tools - it's essential to your business. Getting found isn't optional - it's essential!

Getting Found is How You Get Customers

Decades ago, no one questioned paying thousands of dollars a year to Yellow Pages, because that was how you were found! Yellow Pages worked - you got phone calls - so Yellow Pages advertising costs were justifiable. Today, Yellow Pages are dead, yet there is a reluctance to pay for Google Search Engine results to achieve the same results: to get customers!

Getting Found in the Age of Google

Google, Bing and all search engine use your web pages content to determine where to rank and place your website in relationship to your search terms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of increasing the visibility of your website in a search engine's search results. The better the SEO, the better your ranking. But this is not easy. There is competition to achieve the top rankings. That's where you need professional advice. We offer free resources and advice on how to achieve top rankings, so you can achieve the real #1 Goal - Increase Sales.


Today's Yellow Pages are Google
If you're not on the front page - you don't exist!

It's Simple: To Increase Sales - You need to be on Page One!

Where Does Your Company Rank?

Find Out. Use Our Tools. No Charge. Nada.

If you want more sales, you have to know where you are ranking, in what area, and for what search terms. We have software tools that generate the analysis. Provide us your the search terms that customers would use to find you - and we'll email you the results.

Rank My Company
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