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Works Perfectly On All Devices

In 2014, a milestone was achieved - over 50% of all web traffic is now on a mobile device*. Your website must be responsive to all platforms and resolutions.

Responsive - Means Your Visitors aren't Frustrated

In January of 2014, mobile platforms - cell phones and tablets account for over 50% of web use*. Successful AV websites are fully responsive, and automatically adapt to any screen size, so your website's text, images, and page layout adjust automatically.

Responsive - Means Cell Phone Visitors Can Use the Menu

Your company website's menu must be compatible with small screen sizes. Successful AV websites are fully responsive and automatically adapt to all cell phone screen sizes - from 480 pixel to 1080 pixel and more... So whether your customer is looking at your website on an old iPhone running 640X480, or a Samsung Monitor with 2,048x1920, your website's menu displays and performs perfectly.

Times have changed - your company website must too.
(*Source: CNN Money Magazine, January 2014)

Compatible - Means All Your Visitors can view your website

We have engineered our websites to be fully compatible with all browsers. Your website will look great - if their browser is old or new. Our website is compatible with: Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

Try it!

Grab a corner of your browser window and make it smaller.
The images will shrink and the content will resize to fit the new page size - automatically!


Our website's display and perform well on all screen sizes.
This feature is standard on all our websites.

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