Heat Maps

Leverage Visitor Behavior to Improve Sales

When visitors come to your website...
Heat Maps show where they went and what they did.

Look over your visitors shoulder...

Heat maps show the activity by the visitors mouse and scrollng behavior, both up and down, & side to side. The more intense the color - the more time and focus was spent by the visitor on that area. You truly see what interested your AV customers, and what didn't.

Follow their Trail

Heat maps clearly show the mouse trail or visitor path through your website. What pages they used, what articles they read, what they looked at. The data helps you understand where they live, what they liked and what they didn't find. You can organize heat map data by geo-location, browser, dates, total time spent, mobile users, and more.
You can focus on the longer time visits to see what kept them on your site - or why customers left so quickly!

Watch the heatmap update in real time

You are able to watch a video of each customer visits either in real time, or a recording of the event.

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