HTTPS:// Secure Server

HTTPS:// Certificate on a Secure Server
prevents this from happening
on your website

Secure Server HTTPS:// Certificate

HTTPS:// is essential and included on our websites
HTTPS:// assures visitors - your website is safe and secure
HTTPS:// visitors see the Lock - symbol
HTTPS:// are a necessity - as Chrome, Explorer and FireFox will raise caution flags
HTTPS:// validates your business - as professional and credible


We believe this feature is so essential, that we have made our non-secure website unavailable.

Google and all its resources, Chrome are pushing for the web to be a safe and predictable place to explore, visit and shop. To accomplish this, Chrome, FireFox and Explorer will show a non-secure website with a "Warning - Potential Security Risk Ahead."

Google has been advocating the secure site since it issued the Secure Update on June 2018.
Businesses need to be on a secured server. This is the future.


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