Objectives | Strategy

The Singular Objective - Increase Sales

We do that by using these means and methods:
INCREASE VISIBILITY - Achieve Top Ten search ranking on Google
INCREASE TRAFFIC - Pull Traffic from all over your area for your Capabilities
INCREASE KNOWLEDGE - Know what your Visitors & Competition are doing
INCREASE COMMUNICATIONS - When they come, they stay, they contact You


We utilize our software tool - RankMyWebsite allows you to see where you rank and achieve your desired Google Ranking for desired search keywords -
or Pay Nothing. Nada. Zero.
We base our value on performance. If we don't deliver Search Engine results, you don't pay.
Get on Page #1 of Google Search Results. For less than you think.


We utilize the software - Google Analytics

We monitor your website, visitors, traffic and analyze against your companies goals specialties and capabilities.
Receive the traffic that is engineered to fit your capabilities and profitable categories!


We utilize our software - RankMyCompany lets you analyze your own website, how it performs and ranks for keyword searches that you want to be found for. See where you are - So you know where you're going"

Our software CompetitorSpy that lets you analyze your visitors, your website, and your competitors websites.With this data, you are able to make informed decisions about why customers are coming to you - or not.
Knowledge about your visitors and your competition allows you to fine tune your website to pull ahead!


We utilize our software - CommTools, to communicate with your website visitor.

You may call them "Pop-Ups", but we call them effective: from a friendly "Hello" to providing relevant information that creates a bridge to convert a skeptical visitor to a trusting client.
Our onsite marketing tools significantly increase communications which lead to sales conversation.


Strategy is a four part process.
Collectively, they all add up to increasing visibility, site traffic, understanding visitors to deliver appropriate communications.

It's Simple: Finish first with the four fundamentals.

  • Heat Map Marketing for Audio Video Delers
  • Virtual Private Server - Best of Breed
  • HTML 5 - The fastest websites for Audio Video Dealers
  • Google Analytics - understand your audio video security customers
  • Java powers the best Audio Video Dealer Portfolio
  • Comodo Security provides HTTPS websites for Audio Video Dealers