Sales begin with a conversation.

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    Sales begin with a conversation

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"Sales begin with a conversation"

CommTools - Sales begin with a conversation

This isn't EBay. There is no "Buy it Now" on a custom A/V or security dealer website. A/V Sales require a conversation. Conversations begin with communication, and specifically onsite marketing.

They key in a good conversation is saying the right thing at the right time. These tools do that.

Website or Onsite Marketing - Works

Website or Onsite marketing has been around for several years. You've seen them - the newsletter popups asking for your email or a popup "A 20% off for a limited time." Most are annoying - a few are really well done. They can be the ice-breaker in the sales conversation.

OnSite Marketing Offers - Real Opportunity

Imagine owning a brick & mortar A/V store, and a customer comes in your store, and you say nothing. Not a friendly Hello, not a word. Nothing. Who Does That?

Nearly Every A/V Dealers website! But that's not you! You have the opportunity to separate yourself from the pack. Onsite Marketing provides opportunities to connect with your visitor - with you and your company!

Start with Saying - Hello!

Just a warm hello, and a brief introduction about yourself, is more than most visitors ever receive.

They're used to the usual assault of Pop-Ups that deploy the instant they land. But not You.
You can say things like...

"Hi, this is Daniel Wolstett, owner of Canton Automation, and I'd like to say - Welcome! If you need info or advice, I've been in the industry for 12 years - and love helping people with A/V questions."

Now you are a real person, with a name, a photograph, and a personality. Congratulations, you just separated yourself from 98% of the online Audio-Video dealers.

Help not Harass - with Relevant Content

You can offer your visitor a "How To Guide" or "Buying Guide" from our AVContent library when they visit the home automation or home theater page. Instead of harassing, you're helping. Now you can offer them Relevant Content that extends a helpful resource of information to your visitor.

Onsite Marketing opportunities provide real value to your visitor, and separates you from your competition, while creating a level of trust between you and your visitor.

"Everyone wants to Buy - No one wants to be sold..."

The real goal of Onsite Marketing is to make you different than other faceless or harassing websites. You're the opposite: friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and establishing you as an expert, not a pushy salesman. The real goal is to change the mindset from the skeptical visitor to the trusting visitor. A visitor who has real questions and wants to discuss options with a real person - You.

Essentially, you want them to feel comfortable enough to say - Hey - I have a question!


CommTools are a tool to earn you trust.
Trust lays the foundation for you to have a sales conversation with your visitor.
Sales begin with a conversation.

Where Does Your Company Rank?

Where You Rank. Where Your Competitors Rank. No Charge. Nada.

If you want more sales, you have to know where you are ranking, in what area, and for what search terms. We have software tools that generate the analysis. Provide us your the search terms that customers would use to find you - and we'll email you the results.

Rank My Company
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